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Hoogrendement Friteuse Gas FRB-2

  • Product Code : FRB-2
  • Model Code : Unnicooking

Gas fryer 2x13L, 2×17 Kw, Dimensions (BxDxH): 1000x920xh1610

kW 2x17
Dimensions (mm) 1000x920x1610
Liter 2x13
Power 3/4 Gas Inlet

Robust gas deep fryer made of stainless steel (AISI 304/441) with three round tubs. The fryer has a frying capacity of 50 kilograms per hour (pre-frying 25 kilograms per hour) per tub.

-Three 13 liter tubs with a diameter of 36 cm (stainless steel lids included), equipped with cold zones with bottom sieve

-Three revolving doors with double walls (insulated)

-Low drain tap for each tub and drain (or filtration) with removable spout (easy use in complete safety)

-Top tray for pre-cooked foods, with a perforated bottom for drainage

-Heating by circular cast iron burner with very high efficiency, insulated combustion chamber

-Chimney (one per tub) to discharge the combustion gases

-Thermostatic gas tap type “SIT”, equipped with a safety system by thermocouple and piezo ignition.

-Analogue” image of the temperature on the front of each tub (7cm diameter)

-Meets CE standards

Hoogrendement Friteuse Gas FRB-2