U n n i n o x

Extractor Box Model EXP-1609552-B

  • Product Code : EXP-1609552-B
  • Model Code : Unninox

Dimensions (mm) L:1600 x W: 950 x H: 520
Labyrint Filter 2
Led Light 2 x 5w
Capacity 1500m 3/h

• Brushed structure stainless steel AISI 430

• The hood is slant and the filters are installed with an
angle of 45º

• Standart with LED lightning 5W built-in

• Standart produced with fat drain valve

• Included labyrinth filters 495x495 mm

• Included ON/OFF controller with lightning & gasvalve
ON/OFF switch buttons.

Extractor Box Model EXP-1609552-B